Who Ya Gonna Call?

Do you have any customers? I hope so! How are you going to contact them and continue to market and promote your services? As you grow your business forming a solid contact database is essential. You can spend forever on great ideas and plans for growth but if you aren’t dialed in to your customers all that work is for naught.

Starting with customer #1, you should be using a contact management system that allows you to keep not just basic contact info but details. Nothing impresses  a customer more than when you know their likes and dislikes. My husband and I used to go to a Mexican restaurant and the owner always remembered our names. We were loyal to the restaurant and the next one he opened.

There are many contact programs to choose from but you don’t need to go fancy. I like Excel because you can customize columns based on your specific business and sort and search by any of those variables for focused mailings or posts. You can also export your data to other programs like constant contact for e-mail campaigns.

Some things to remember…

  • Your contact list should be tended to like a garden. Updated and checked for accuracy often.
  • Your list travels over many platforms so remember to keep a good cross reference system. Some customers may be on Facebook, but not Twitter or some may want only regular mail. Be sure to respect you customers wishes about how they want to be contacted. Today’s busy person won’t tolerate messages where they don’t want to see them.
  • Remember that list and those contacts are like gold. Treat them that way. Your customers will always come back to you if you treat them well and market to their tastes and needs. More importantly they will refer you to friends and family and that is priceless.