You Can Count On Us!

Khris Ramella, owner of The Red Tack, has over 20 years experience in office & retail management, customer service, bookkeeping, and marketing and design.

Always professional, creative and flexible, Khris enjoys being able to put to good use the variety of skills she has honed through the years.

“I saw so many business owners being so caught up in the passion for the business that they didn’t have time or quality help to manage their office, setup their systems, or spread the word about their business.” “We can help, without the need for an office and the expense that comes with it.”

I am passionate about creativity and ideas. I love seeing people have these tools put into place and feel like they were cared for and helped. I never compromise client information and insist on an honest and open relationship–if I can’t help I will say so or find someone who can.